Zul Je Met Mij
Photo Essay

Gerdien Wolthaus Paauw
"Zul je met mij" is a photo essay about  mourning lovingly. Twenty years after her mother died of the disease ALS, photographer Gerdien Wolthaus Paauw opened her mother's box with "signs of life": notes she wrote when she could no longer speak. The photographer also sought out people who had known her mother well. This renewed acquaintance inspired her to a series of associative photos. The book brings together the texts of the notes, statements of acquaintances of Pieta Wolthaus-Paauw with this photo series.The original "signs of life" are written on all kinds of different pieces of (leftover) paper. The photo essay is printed on soft Lessebo paper, which adds a tactile layer to the experience of the book. The open back refers to the rawness of the grieving process. The book is designed in such a way that the images frame the different texts, creating a dialogue between the photographer now and the words of her mother more than twenty years ago.