Once More, with

Management and production
Land Art Flevoland
This exhibition is the conclusion of Land Art Live, a series of performances organised around the collection of Land Art works in the province of Flevoland. It brings together original works from the Land Art Artists such as Marinus Boezem, Robert Morris, and Richard Serra, with contemporary artists such as Melanie Bonajo, Maria Pask, and Zhana Ivanova. Studio Kader arranged the loans of the works, supervised the production, and designed the layout of the exhibition. Together with curator Martine van Kampen.

The Players and

Production of video and performance
Kunsthalle, Basel
For Zhana Ivanova’s ongoing retrospective at Kunsthalle Basel we produced, in collaboration with the Kunsthalle production team, two performances in the main hall.Both performances take place in a set specifically designed for the space and are performed by a group of actors / performers. The performance Counterpoint was accompanied by a video of the same name in the adjacent space.

If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution — edition VI and VII

If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Revolution
For If I Can’t Dance, an art organisation dedicated to performance and performativity in contemporary art, we produced various performances and presentations for two of their editions, in Amsterdam as well as in Brazil. Working closely together with the curatorial team, we realised works in a.o. Tropenmuseum, Dokzaal and Splendor in Amsterdam and Casa do Povo in São Paulo.

That Man An

Concept, exhibition design, exhibition and video production
Artist Initiative Samet Yilmaz
That Man An is a series of 5 videos by 5 different artists, created, organised and produced by artists initiative Samet Yilmaz whose members are also protagonists of the videos which all take place in the same location: a dystopian jazz bar in Manhattan.
The complete series was shown at Trampoline in Amtwerp in which pieces of the set were also shown. Featuring a.o.: Boris de Beijer, Corinna Helenelund, Viktor Briestensky, hard-core, Boyon Kang and Ivan Cheng.

The Castle

Concept, exhibition design, exhibition and video production
Artist Initiative K.I. Beyoncé
The Castle is an installation as exhibiton including public program curated, produced and organised by k.i. beyoncé. It is at once scenery and exhibition, with works in different media. For the Castle we produced tapestries, ceramics, a castle garden with wishing well and a 10 meter long wooden table.
The public program included screenings, lectures, a market and an afternoon of sword fighting and poetry. Supported by AFK and realised with crowdfunding (voordekunst).